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Team Manticore

Dark and Lonely Stars Journal/Cooperative Storytelling Game

Dark and Lonely Stars Journal/Cooperative Storytelling Game

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When you were young the night sky was filled with stars, now it is mostly empty.

The scientists explained that the accelerated expansion of the universe means our local cluster is being thrown into the void of space so quickly that the light from other stars will soon be unable to reach earth.

You have joined a mission, a one-way trip to another star system using experimental technology. The plan is to temporarily fold space and send your ship over. You will never see the Earth again, or be warmed by the light of the sun of your home. You and the crew will die alone in a strange and uncharted part of space.

But you will have one chance to transmit a single message back to Earth. To share what you learn so that all of humanity can know something of what is out there. To know something about the stars they can no longer see.

This game is for 1-4 players and takes about a half hour to play.

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