About Us

Rowyn Golde has been studying art all of her life. Long after her stint as an art student, she continued spending time in academia until the MA in Community Psychology. That knowledge, coupled with that of a variety of mediums has made its way into her work, as so much of her graphic novels touch themes of overcoming trauma. Rowyn is best known for Oh Hell, Donna!, Deddrie: The Cornsbrook Killer, and a children’s book (for some reason) titled Peas & Luv.

Rob Silver is an autodidact that read a book on making stuff once. He has done a little bit of everything, from playing in multiple bands to being a computer whiz, and continues to do a little bit of everything else to this day. Rob is best known for his aptly named Unmedicated Comics, exceptional jewelry, and his current independent film project, Eve.

Together, Rowyn Golde and Robert Silver are Team Manticore. A husband and wife artistic duo making plushies, movies, paintings, fashion, games, décor, comics, and stories.  Team Manticore makes the frightening, the adorable, and the unique.