Frightdorable Care and Cleaning

How to Spot Clean

  1. Wet a washcloth in water or in water + a wool safe wash (like Eucalan no rinse wash)
  2. Dab at the spot that has become soiled, moistening the stuffed animal's fabric. Do not scrub! Agitation causes felting.
  3. Allow to air dry.


How do you disinfect plush toys?

Use the gentlest cycle available on your washing machine. Wash plush toys in cold water using a mild detergent. If disinfecting is a concern, opt for warm or hot water, and/or considering using a product like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, which is safe on both whites and colors, unlike chlorine bleach.



Method 2 Washing Thoroughly By Hand

  1. Fill a sink or a wash basin with cold water.
  2. Add a small amount of delicate wash soap.
  3. Scrub the stuffed animal.
  4. Squeeze the stuffed animal out.
  5. Rinse the stuffed animal out.
  6. Brush out the stuffed animal's fur.
  7. Dry the stuffed animal.


Steps to Spot Clean the Fleece:

  1. Fill the sink or bucket with warm water.
  2. Add a small amount of mild laundry detergent and agitate it to mix well.
  3. Dip the small brush in the soapy water and scrub any spots and stains.
  4. Rinse the spots with clean water.


If you use a machine, Place your animal in a mesh bag or a pillowcase. A mesh laundry bag can be purchased at your local dollar store, fabric store, or laundromat. It gives added protection from snagging and jostling by your machine.