Black Frightdorable Bat

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A little spooky, and all adorable!  They are the shrieking terror of the night, or a cuddle buddy for spooky movies, depending on how you feel about bats. 

You pick the color of their eyes, and the size (Large, Medium, Small) of their bodies!  Their wings can hold fold over the front of them for when dawn breaks and it's time to roost.

Large is approx 12 inches tall with a wingspan of 21 inches
Medium is approx 9 inches tall with a wingspan of 19 inches
Small is approx 6 inches tall with a wingspan of 12 inches
~American quarter included in photos to illustrate size~

All hand-sewn soft fleece with plastic, hand-painted safety eyes, and poly-fil stuffing.  Colors and exact size may vary a bit from Frightdorable to Frightdorable.  Handmade in NY, USA.

(Please allow 2-4 weeks for creation and shipping of the product!)

*Due to plastic safety eyes, this product is not recommended for children under three years old* 

Since we introduced the Frightdorable bats, they have been one of our most popular plushies, and now every purchase of one helps real bats!

We donate 20% of all Frightdorable bat sales to Bat World Sanctuary!

Thank you for liking our plushies, and thank you for helping the bats!
Check out if you'd like to learn more about Bat World Sanctuary

Note:  We also do full custom!  If you are looking for an option you don’t see listed, or have a different idea entirely, feel free to email us directly at