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Frightdorable Crab

Frightdorable Crab

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We're feeling pretty crabby about cancer.

20% of all sales of Frightdorable Crabs go to the American Cancer Society. 

You choose the size, the eye color, and the color of the body!

Colors and exact size may vary a bit from Frightdorable to Frightdorable, but generally:

Large crab:
Approx 13 inches wide including legs
Approx 9 inches long including legs, not including claws
Approx 3 inches tall

Medium crab:
Approx 8.5 inches wide including legs
6.5 inches long including legs, but not claws
2.5 inches tall

Small crab:
Approx 5 inches wide not including legs
3.5 inches long not including legs or claws
2 inches tall

All hand-sewn soft fleece with plastic, hand-painted safety eyes. 
Stuffing is poly-fil.

*Due to plastic safety eyes, this product is not recommended for children under three years old*

Please allow 2-4 weeks for creation and shipping of the product!  Handmade in NY, USA.

Note:  We also do full custom!  If you are looking for an option you don’t see listed, or have a different idea entirely, feel free to email us directly at

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