Custom Comfort

Custom Comfort

Almost everyone has had the experience of missing a pet, whether we were away at college, allergic and so without a pet to begin with, or suffering a tragic loss.  The gap that is left may be different shapes and sizes, yet it is still felt within our hearts. 

We at Team Manticore would like to help!  We do this by making custom plush cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish, birds, lizards, and whatever other sort of animal companion you may be missing.

They can be based on a photo, something more general like a black cat, or an entirely made up dream-animal!

We call our plushies “Frightdorables” because they can be a little spooky as much as they are sweet.

We’ve had small Frightdorable cats find homes on top of computers at work, to help programmers talk out solutions:

They are also helpful sewing buddies/pin cushions:

But mostly, we make them as friends.
Here’s one example:

"I loved it when I first got it, and now I love it even more since my cat died.  It's a wonderful memory of her, to have forever.   


If you would like your own, either head to the store for something fun, or drop us an email at for specific commissions. 

We’re happy to help!

Not intended for small children, yet still irresponsibly soft, our Frightdorables are perfect snuggle buddies when you're away from home at college, bored at work, missing a recently lost pet, or just need some comfort!

Every Frightdorable is handmade with love.

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