40 Strange and Spooky Valentine Ideas!

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40 Strange and Spooky Valentine Ideas!

The Official Team Manticore Valentine's Gift Guide for when "traditional" just won't cut it!  

Whether celebrating the love we share with others, the fact that we're single, or the knowledge that chocolate will soon be on sale, here's 40 strange and spooky ideas from small businesses for you and the other weirdos in your life!

Let’s start with Doctor Gus!  All handmade, some funny, some badass.  He's got badges, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so much more, so check out some of our favorite pieces!

“This is a wonderful heart keyring just waiting to hold your keys.  It was inspired by the beautiful patterns found on antique 19th century sterling silverware and vintage silver plated flatware. I've taken those influences and brought a new creation to life.”

“This is a fantastic solid pewter Character Class Badge.  Let your Senpai know how much they mean to you with this pin today!  Great for LARP, Cosplay, or everyday!”

“This is a fantastic solid pewter Character Class Badge.  Proudly proclaim your status as a Saucy Wench with this pin today!”

“Here is a lovely little ring I call "Cupid's Arrow".  The Cupid's Arrow ring is an original Doctor Gus sculpt. Each one is then cast by hand right here in my workshop.  This ring is quite comfortable to wear and is suitable for both men and women. It's great as a midi ring too! I'm sure it will find a loving home on your finger.”

Next up is Crystallum Roots, bringing it back to nature with jewelry and herbalism.

ORO consits of a citrine spirit quartz, which is also considered to be a cactus quartz, and a little amber teardrop! Lots of bright, sunshine-y energy radiating from this chunk of magic! The pendant is made with the tiffany technique and is strung on a ~17.5" stainless steel chain!”

AURA is a necklace made by me using the Tiffany technique method. It includes a double silver-plated chain, and a single chain on the bottom for accent. Angel Aura Quartz is known to be an aura cleanser, while also stimulating and elevating one’s mood. Therefore, not only will you look stylish, but you’ll also increase your overall well-being by choosing this necklace!”

Want a unique stash jar, magnet, wall art, or something else toothy?  Look no farther than I've Created a Monstah

“This is another one of a kind wide mouth, quart stash jar available. This guy is built on a brand new wide mouth Half Gallon Ball jar. Be sure to see my other items for more one of a kind stash jars and boxes.”

“We specialize in unique one of a kind functional sculpture, costumes and art.  8 x 10 Canvas, ready to hang.”


Weird, colorful, and wonderful Galusaurus is known for her unique 2D artwork, as well as her eye-orbs!

During my three-eyes tentacle cat phase…”  We’ll just leave the description at that.

You can also find her on RedBubble!  You can get this as wall art OR as stationary.

OddBeans has beautiful resin, jewel-like creations from Sittingbourne, United Kingdom!
 “Super pretty swirly and pastel decorative pendulum pendants!”

“Complete the perfect gyaru outfit with this pastel pink piece with hand painted leopard print!”

“A sparkly crystal with crown and metal leaf details. The crystal is accompanied by two wing charms. Angelic!”  Seriously, this necklace is Step One to becoming a Magical Girl.

“A sparkly brooch in the shape of a pocket watch, with a pearly hearts, imitation gold leaf and a tiny bow!”

Having a romantic evening, play, or party?  Becca's Bobbins does custom clothing and costumes!

“I aspire to make wonderful costumes, clothing, and other fanciful garments that make your costuming dreams come true!”

Hand crafted home decor and jewelry from New Jersey with Crafty Witch Co!
“Fully adjustable Heart Opener pentagram necklace, made with rose quartz and pink quartzite to encourage loving energy and letting go of the past.”

Mini pillows stuffed with herbal blends -- great for relaxation, sleep aid, and travel.”

Upcycled Bad Brains t-shirt throw pillow. Perfect for music lovers!”

Lillian Rose Asterios is an artist and writer with haunting work.

Currently open for $25 commissions, including shipping!

Head over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/rosaleendhu for soap, scarves, and general silliness! 

This bunny scarf is made from polar fleece. It is approximately 31 inches (78 cm) long, so it fits close around the neck. The tail and legs are meant to be tucked through the tab on the back to keep the scarf snuggly around the neck.”

Inspired by my favorite literary character, this green soap is lightly spicy with a bitter note of insanity lurking below the surface.”

“Yaoi soap! Every rainbow stripe has glitter, and it's lemon scented. A perfect soap for yaoi fans, lovers of rainbow or anyone who wants a burst of color!”

Midnight Fawn has a little bit of everything for the discerning goth.  …Jewelry for a date in the cemetery with your favorite vampire, a doll to keep you company and share your secrets, even sunglasses to avoid eye contact with that one weird guy you've been trying to get rid of!

Antique gold spiderweb and pink crystal spider on an adjustable ring base.”

“Hand-painted and completely customizable. These dolls can be made to look however you want! Each doll is made with an 18 inch muslin doll and at least 60 yards of yarn hair (more can be added for more intricate hair styles/color combinations). Please allow 2 weeks for production.”

Be Drop Dead gorgeous in these cute custom sunnies. Complete with blue-grey roses and tombstone cabochons, these glasses will look fabulous on any dangerous babe.”

Creepy soap from C’s Creations!  Soap brains, ouija boards, bugs, ghosts, cats, and even anatomically correct hearts!  Perfect for washing off that bizarre perfume your last date gave you.  Also has beaded creatures, like scorpions, spiders, and centipedes.

Do you have a brain that is in desperate need of some washing? Don't worry I've got you covered. Brain Washing Soaps are available for any dirty mind. Available in custom colors and scents for $4 a piece.”

Fish in a bag soaps now available! $5 a piece. Colors available for fish are orange, green, blue and purple. Customs scents available as well.  If you can’t get your kiddos to wash up they'll be more than willing to just to get a toy at the end.”

“Are you having a crappy day?  Me too... but hey at least these smell good!  I've got rainbow cotton candy unicorn poop, chocolate, and rose poop (not pictured is coffee).  Get your poop in a group, or least on the soap dish.”

“For that time when your sweet tooth literally gets to be too much.  Blue cotton candy scented denture soaps.  Now available.  $6 a piece.”

Have a lot of snarky fun over at Malevolent Mayhem!  
This unisex Bella Canvas 3/4 Sleeve baseball raglan is SUPER soft.  Great for Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day...or any day really, let's be honest.”

Dear Cupid Bella Canvas Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

Look for punk rock, nature-inspired Jewelry and “fiendish accessories” with Scavenger Crafts! 

“Put-proof fashion.  Handmade bootstraps made with real quality leather.  All metal findings, including rivets, belt buckle and rounded studs were set by hand.”

“Heartbroken, heartless or a heartbreaker?  Scavenger Crafts is here for you. These polymer clay pins with the quarter moon detail alludes to the mystery within the unique carrier.”

“These unique and handmade Ouija mold earrings are handmade using fragments of Blue Kyanite (crushed by hand).”

“You will never forget your lighter again! In fact, you'll find yourself hoping someone asks ‘Hey man, you got a light?’”  Not a bad way to meet someone new!

…and now for your hosts, TEAM MANTICORE!  We specialize in bizarre plushies, strange jewelry, art, and comic books!

“From the pits of hell comes something fluffy, just don't sign anything they give you.”  Fleece with safety eyes, and a great way to show off your devilish side.

“Cute and squish-able pieces of some unknown water based mutation.  Will probably not form into a new monster.  Probably.  Soft fleece!  Makes for a great little pillow, part of a larger display, or a costume item!”  Sometimes, Valentine’s means tentacles.  

Handcrafted and hand-painted polymer clay eyes suspended within enamel in jars, perfect for a refrigerator surprise!”  This is also a great way to tell someone that you only have eyes for them.

A little spooky and a little cute. Let the unblinking cat head stare out from your torso.  For when you get chilly on a summer evening by the lake, or simply need something comfy to throw on, this lightweight unisex zip hoodie with a modern fit, hood, front zip, and a kangaroo pocket is the way to go.”  Tell them you think they're as cute as they are frightening!

His and Hers Cameos (or just Hers and Hers, His and His, so on, so forth…) These glow in the dark!”

So whether you’re bummed that this holiday isn’t Halloween, or just want to support some bizarre small businesses, this is the gift list for you!   
Rock on,
Team Manticore

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