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Team Manticore

Frightdorable Butterfly

Frightdorable Butterfly

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Wing Pattern

Just like the real thing, our butterflies are soft and gentle with colorful wings.

These butterflies are made of soft fleece, plastic safety eyes, poly-fil stuffing, and both the medium and the small size has pipe cleaners for antennae. 

Larges:  7 inches tall with a 12 inch wingspan
Mediums:  6 inches tall with a 10 inch wingspan
Smalls:  5 inches tall with a 9 inch wingspan

Only the largest size butterfly has little feet, and ONLY the medium and small sizes have pipe cleaner pose-able antennae!

20% of proceeds goes to The Pollinator Partnership to help REAL bees and butterflies survive!

Each butterfly is handmade, so please allow for two weeks for creation and shipping. Handmade in NY, USA.

*Due to the plastic safety eyes, this creature is not recommended for children under three years old*

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