Frightdorable Butterfly

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Just like the real thing, our butterflies are soft and gentle with colorful wings.

These butterflies are made of soft fleece, plastic safety eyes, poly-fil stuffing, and both the medium and the small size has pipe cleaners for antennae. 

Larges:  7 inches tall with a 12 inch wingspan
Mediums:  6 inches tall with a 10 inch wingspan
Smalls:  5 inches tall with a 9 inch wingspan

Only the largest size butterfly has little feet, and ONLY the medium and small sizes have pipe cleaner pose-able antennae!

20% of proceeds goes to The Pollinator Partnership to help REAL bees and butterflies survive!

* Each butterfly is handmade, so please allow for two weeks for creation and shipping. *

*Due to the plastic safety eyes, this creature is not recommended for children under three years old*