The Art of Rowyn Golde
Rowyn's Portfolio

Rowyn has been an artist for many years, and this website is where you can peruse her body of work and request commissions.

A full-length Independent Sci-Fi/Suspense Film

Douglas is a comic strip artist who falls into despair after losing his wife. He is appraoched be Charles, a scientist who is single-minded in his determination to create a perfect clone.

Oh Hell, Donna!
A comic about a dead girl with superpowers

This comic tells the story of a demon-ghost-somthing dead woman who was just trying to have a little fun and maybe get laid when she WHOOPS got involved with possibly saving the world.

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A Non-sequitor webcomic, updating every Tuesday

Philosophy, current events, and potatos.

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A comic about a serial killer and his friends

A glimpse into the life of Cornsbrooks' own resident serial killer and his friends on their comedic and macabre adventures.

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Handcrafted stuffed animals from Rowyn Golde

Irresponsibly soft, unbelievably cute

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Peas and Luv
A children's book about patience, friendship and belonging. Art and prose by Rebekah Silver

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Dead Art
Items crafted from upcycled vinyl records

Jewelry and Art crafted from damaged comics, obselete tech, ruined records and other items many would assume worthless

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